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Smartphone reCommerce

Your partner in refurbished smartphones sale and buyback solutions by taking sustainability seriously​.

Web Development

Expertise in responsive web design and development. Component-based modular UX web development.

SEO Strategy & Web Publishing

SEO strategy & Web Publishing of content based on a niche​s that delivers great articles & monetizes them.

Smartphone Recommerce.

Giving a new life to your used or broken mobile devices by trading in for cash.
Buy refurbished pre-owned mobile devices and accessories. Kurvnet’s reCommerce line of business gives a second life to smartphones using innovative and advanced proprietary technologies from buyback to resale.

Customers trust us to give new life to used devices and we take that responsibility seriously. We save our customers money on a wide selection of approved pre-owned devices compatible with the major network providers. Pay consumers cash for devices they no longer use, even if damaged. That can mean faster, more affordable upgrades or extra money. We also do some good to the planet by keeping devices in use and out of landfills.

reCommerce is a smart way to fund your next upgrade. Your device could be working or damaged, sell your unwanted iPhone or iPad and get instant cash.

Web Development

Predictable, Scalable, and Repeatable Lead Generation and Sales from Digital Marketing

It’s difficult enough getting new visitors to your website on a daily basis and working on growing your community to create evangelists. Having your time split between social media management, writing, emails, website management, and ad management leaves little time for business development. With Kurvnet, you are no longer left to your own devices. We work with you on building your brand and your business.

Your website is one of the most important and powerful ways you can differentiate your business and drive new business. You can’t rely on fancy visuals and quirky website copy to persuade visitors that you are the right fit for them. Most of all, your website shouldn’t be a virtual business card. It needs to be an evolving, integrated hub that connects all your other marketing activities, creating an interesting and credible experience for potential and current buyers. Our digital marketing consultants, designers, and developers understand how to balance great visuals with a simple, yet effective, layout. We understand the principles that make a web experience impactful, persuasive, and actionable

SEO Strategy And Web Publishing

Whether you are just starting with your website or if you are well established online business, we can improve your page rankings in all the major search engines. SEO is a critical component of your online visibility. We maintain a portfolio of blogging websites in specific niches that can help you earn passive income via digital ads.